The ‘TENT X TATE COLLECTIVE’ is a come-together of 12 artists from Rotterdam and London: 8 young artists and 4 professionals. The group first worked for over a week in TENT (Rotterdam) and in October/November 2016 it will move to London, to continue the project in Tate Modern. In this project, the artists constantly are discussing the subject of ‘the system of exchange’: ‘How do we see this system involved in various aspects of our modern day society?’, ‘What’s the definition of exchange, for instance in barter?’ and ‘What is lacking in the execution, that is present in the concept?’. The project’s main goal was focussing on an aspect in our lifes, that for most people is a ‘needless-to-say’ and everyday activity: an activity that nobody even notices anymore. By ‘exchanging’ opinions and perspectives, the artists were triggered to form a point of view, and visualize this floorer. With his works, NASBAMI illustrated both ‘sides’ of the system of exchange: the concept, as well as the execution. The two 3-colored paper-cutouts visualize the chain of links that form the perfect system of exchange: ‘consensus keeps exchange going’, ‘without consensus, there’s no exchange’ and ‘exchanging makes sure everybody has the ability to keep exchanging’. Meanwhile, the wooden sculptors depict the execution of the concept: the links are always present (‘the need to exchange’), but the system is not always working properly (’no consensus on how to exchange’).